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Machinery Moving Services

Brea Machinery Moving is well-known throughout Southern California for helping businesses with the rigging and moving of heavy industrial machines as well as large equipment. We can dismantle, pack, rig, and transport your heavy machinery to anywhere in the country.

Brea Machinery Moving handles even the toughest machine relocation jobs. We have the knowledge and resources available to handle your business move.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

We provide specialized moving and logistics services for medical equipment, scientific instruments and other sensitive, expensive heavy machinery for over 20 years. We move thousands of medical and lab equipment businesses annually including new, used and refurbished medical instruments for many of the industry’s leading laboratories, scientific facilities, and health care organizations.
Brea Machinery Moving is committed to providing safe and efficient commercial moving and industrial machine rigging to all of our esteemed clients. Our expert business relocation professionals can pack, haul and install your heavy equipment anywhere in the country. We always guarantee customer satisfaction at the lowest prices for rigging and transport of bulky business machinery.


At Brea Machinery Movers, our specialized fleet of commercial-grade vehicles allows for us to customize each move as needed by our clients. A Brea Machinery Movers on site consultant plans, for the packing necessary, arranges all the permits and escorts and support needed for each move.

Brea Machinery Movers specializes in heavy equipment moving, machine removals, specialized machine transportation, oversized load hauling, and plant relocation. Our massive heavy haulers can move just about any and everything you need for your business anywhere in North America. We have been serving the San Gabriel Valley and Greater Southern California area since 1990.

Machine Assembly / Disassembly

We assemble and disassemble heavy machines and industrial equipment on site for transport locally, nationally, or internationally.  We have experienced technicians who minimize or eliminate down time for your operation. We have over 20 years experience disassembling, rigging, and transporting all types of industrial machines and large equipment.

Brea Machinery Movers specialize in providing you complete and hassle free machinery moving, rigging, machine assembly and disassembly offsite or onsite. 


We have a state of the art fleet of heavy hauling systems including trailers, powerful trucks, forklifts, cranes, and any equipment necessary to secure and transport even your most sensitive instrumentation. We excel in hauling heavy equipment and moving businesses on time and safely.

Our qualified relocation specialists assemble and disassemble machines for every manufacturer in the industry, making us familiar with all machines for all types of applications from printing, construction, medical and laboratories just to name a few.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

Brea Machinery Movers is a leader in facility relocations and business moves. We stand above the rest with our friendly customer service, and the expertise and equipment capabilities to move your entire business locally, domestically, or internationally. We are a family business, and we personally stand behind a trusted name in heavy equipment rigging and hauling. We have built this name with years of professional and reliable service to the thousands of businesses we serve.
Brea Machinery Movers can help with all your business relocation and turnkey plant moving needs. We can design custom packing and shipping solutions for businesses with sensitive needs. We take all the measures to make sure your move is hassle-free.

Custom Crating and Packaging

Sensitive medical and industrial instruments require special handling considerations, we offer custom crating and packaging for these type of jobs, the safety of your heavy machines is our first priority.

Let one of our onsite consultants create a custom plan to pack your heavy machinery, crate it, and ship it anywhere in the United States and abroad.

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